Sunday, September 4, 2011

July and a few days of August

Warming up. For example ironing the drum skin.

                                          Packing up instruments. Packing down instruments.

                                                       Playing in big festival tents.

                                         Washing clothes in the hotel bathroom zink. Letting it dry...

                                                                  ...while sleeping.

                                                                  Rehearsing some...

               ...and playing indoor shows. Here is my soundcheck view in London for example.

                                                     Having nice french long table lunches...

                                                               ...and biking in Paris.

                                                                 Long soudchecks...

                                         ...and beautiful summer evening views from the road.

                                                                         Late evenings.

                                                             Some peaceful moments.

                                    A couple of days of writing in a house in the french alps.

                                               Meeting the ocean from Portugese land.

                                                                   A day at the beach.

                                                           Andreas gave me a lion...

                                                              ...that later flew off.

                                                             Some backstage dancing...

                                                             ...and some sleeping.

                                                               A birthday on a plane...

                                                                 ...and one on land.

                                                       Visas, passport controls & organisation.

                                                            Glimmering big cities...

                                                   ...and festivals in the green mountains.


                                                                  A resting dancer.

                                                       The last show w the big band...


                                                                Many Goodbyes...

                                ..but also Hello´s. (a greeting on Katomans Tokyo bar wall).

                                          Two days later, soundchecking in Malmö, Sweden.

                                                   Life moves in mysterious ways.